Working Dog Breed

Sniffer dogs: It seems that people started using working dogs with special smelling abilities to detect drugs during the war in Vietnam in 1970. The United States was the first country to start special programs and training techniques for specialized dogs to detect drugs and explosives. These techniques have been used in other countries now and the results have been very good. Dogs are obviously not intended to be used to stop and avoid drugs. These specialized dogs do resolve a great deal in a short amount of time and help to look for and find contraband. These types of dogs are chosen by taking into account the individuality of their behavior, it also depends on their strength, ability to move, and the equilibrium of nervous processes. It is not possible to test a dog to see and classify his nervous equilibrium, so what they do is observe the dog's most outstanding features.
Generally peaceful dogs adapt the easiest to and the quickest to changes in their environment and surroundings. These dogs do well in the formationof conditioned reflexes and they are pretty firm in their actions, making them the most adaptable ones for the job of working with drugs and bombs due to the way they control their nervous systems. Dogs that are naturally very defensive and that take a long time to get used to a new environment and that are generally fearful and disoriented are not recommend for these types of jobs. Changes that occur in the exterior conditions could bring about problems and cause the dog to lose his reflexes, in some occasions for long amounts of time. These types of dogs are more used to and attentive to the changes that are in their area of work and those are the things that cause their reflexes to go into defensive actions.

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