Working Dog Breeds

Working dogs: It is difficult to make a general description of all working dog breeds as there exist so many different types of jobs that these dogs perform and each breed has its own specific qualities that make it ideal for the job that it does. Some breeds can be used to perform a number of different jobs while other breeds do well only in the job that they are specifically bred for. The most notable difference between working dogs and companion dogs is probably the notable difference in their interaction with humans. While companion dogs are generally more flexible and can adapt to the constantly changing pressures place upon them when living with humans (both physically and emotionally), work dogs do better when they only have to concentrate on their jobs and not deal with other pressures or situations that fall outside of the specific training they have received.
This large group of breeds includes many different jobs and skills. Though a dog might belong to a working breed this does not mean that it is a working dog or that it would be capable of performing these tasks. For example even though you might have a German Shepherd this does not automatically make it a good guard dog nor should you expect it to act as one. Though it is true that by nature dogs of this breed are very protective, if your dog has not been taught since puppy hood and trained especially to be a guard dog it will not have the skills necessary to properly perform this good in a professional way and could act overly aggressively since it hasn't been taught what the limits are or to specifically obey the commands of its owner no matter what it might personally feel. Some of the jobs that dogs in theworking breed dogare: Sea and Land Rescue, Police work, Military work, Anti-Drug work, Anti-Terrorism work (sniffing for explosives), Prison guard work and Border patrol work. These dogs are strong, obedient, and reliable and develop close relationships with their owners and handlers.

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