Worried Dogs

Worried dogs: Believe it or not dogs do get stressed and they worry about things. When a dog sits or is in the middle of a stressful situation he will show it by sitting in a vulnerable position (meaning it will be difficult for him to escape), his ears will be back stuck to his head, his eyes, wide open and he will pant very quickly.

Dog fear: For a dog finding a place to hide or a safe place is fundamental when he is scared. A frightened dog will usually run and hide if he can find an appropriate spot, if he is not able to, he will freeze while staring at the object of his fear.

Don't get near me: A dog that is afraid will often times show an aggressive attitude toward his opponent. A dog will show this behavior by putting his ears back and opening his mouth, he will slightly put his lips up so his opponentcan see his teeth, his head raised, his eyes fixed on the opponent ready to attack if it were necessary. This type of expression is usually accompanied with loud deep barks to tell his aggressor to leave or suffer the consequences.

Dog strategies to stay safe: Keeping safe is a top priority in nature where there is no one who can come to the rescue in the event an animal gets hurt. If your dog feels threatened he will have to choose between four different strategies: fighting, running away, staying still, or calming down to resolve the problem that is in front of him.Dogs have the ability to move very rapidly and to choose between these four choices depending on how successful the one the opted for turns out to be; a lot also depends on how threatening the other dog was with them.

Standing still sounds good: Some dogs choose to stand still waiting for the potential attacker to get bored and leaves. Usually dogs that adopt this behavior first observe the situation attentively and then slowly begin to walk away. They know that if they don't walk away they will attack. When other dogs surround a dog, he usually has no other alternative but to wait and hope that things don't become difficult and he will turn his head away showing his concern.

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