Young Dog & Old Dog Together

When old Senta died, the house of the Burger family was filled with sadness. They really missed their beloved Senta, so they decided to buy another dog—a Kerry Bludog younge Terrier named Janosch. The Burger family was immensely happy because Janosch resulted to be wonderful. When Janosch got old, the Burgers decided not to go through a difficult time again. Hence, Janosch's successor was to enter the house beforehand. They decided to buy Gora, a Hovawart female dog. Since the moment Gora arrived, Janosch stopped eating and became distracted, depressed and ill-humored. Various books about old dogs recommend exactly what the Burgers did. The books state how an old dog will put the new puppy in his place. In addition, they explain how an old dog will rejuvenate thanks to the puppy, and become more active and interested in the world that surrounds him. Do not accept this lovely advice without thinking it through. It is not applicable to all situations, in particular dogs. The topic of having a new dog in the house is taken differently by every dog. You should take into consideration how well you know your dog and what is best for him.

Dog Rivalry: Perhaps the relationship you have with your dog is the same as mine with Andra. We love each other very much, and she has a great deal of respect and trust for me. I have to admit, Andra is really pampered. Why should she not be? She has never bitten anyone, and she is not a neurotic dog. She is simply a happy dog who feels safe and comfortable with the affection I give her. I would never impose a second dog on Andra because I am sure she would suffer. If Andra shows certain sympathy with dogs that come over, it is because she assumes that they will leave our territory. To a dog that has been pampered and loved all her life, it will be difficult to accept a young dog when reaching old age.

Introducing a young female dog to an old male dog has a higher probability of being successful. This matter is particularly more complicated with old female dogs. If you were to bring a new puppy home, she would have a very lousy time. Old female dogs will not treat puppies with maternal instinct. Instead, they might treat the younglings with aggression. Even if dogs know each other for a long time, they still might not be able to live together. In spite of everything, if you decide to purchase a puppy, prepare for a comprehensive educative regimen. You should make clear to you dog that in your house you are the one in charge. In addition, you should assure your old dog he is number one, unless he decides to give this privilege to his new canine friend. Dog Companions

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