Your Effort is Well Worth It

david - Posted on 02 December 2010

There is a certain amount of work involved in getting and keeping a golden retriever – after all, they are a living creature who is both physically and emotionally dependent on you. However, the effort that you put into your dog is well worth it – they will give you many years of companionship, fidelity, and perhaps even help with some of your activities as well. Dogs are cheerful, loving creatures who are usually eager to please and brighten even the gloomiest day with their simple but heartfelt optimism.

One effort that is well worth the time you spend on it is training your golden retriever. These dogs are extremely trainable – perhaps one of the most trainable breeds on Earth, eager to learn and to get new activities that they can carry out with you. They learn very quickly, responding best to positive, friendly training, and gain a lot of satisfaction from it. Having a well-behaved, well-trained dog with make things easier for you and give you plenty of satisfaction as well.

The effort that you put into feeding your dog properly and ensuring that they have the proper vitamins and dietary additives to stay healthy and happy gives you the reward of a vigorous, hale, and energetic pet. When your golden retriever is romping with your children or dashing alongside your bicycle, that vitality is because you have picked out good-quality foods that are less likely to produce allergic reactions. Vitamins and a few dietary additives can help you keep your dog’s skin, hair, eyes, and teeth in good condition, too.

Keeping up on medical treatment for your dog is an effort that pays off many times over. Your pet will live longer, meaning that you can enjoy their companionship for that many more years. Keeping up on their shots is a simple, fairly easy solution that completely averts the risk of ghastly emergencies and long, complicated, expensive procedures later.

Paying attention to such details as keeping ears clean, removing ear mites or yeast infections if necessary, and making sure your animal is protected from heartworm will give you the satisfaction of knowing you have made your faithful, beloved pet comfortable and more healthy.

In short, all the efforts of golden retriever ownership are repaid many times over. A dog is a great companion who will stick with you no matter what, and help you in any way they can. You will have a loving, faithful companion who you can rely on, whom your children will enjoy being with, and who will help you in the field with game bird hunting if your interests lie that way.