Contagious Dog Disease. Dog health and zoonosis diseases .

There are diseases that dogs can transmit to humans.
Parasites problems may be prevented with regular disinfecting.
Is man's health threatened by dogs? How can I minimize risk? Some diseases,known as zoonosis, expand from dogs to humans, but generally with no important consequences, specially if dogs are regularly disinfected, and their feces are properly cleaned. There are even families with kids having two dogs, and the benefits are more important than the small, but important, risk of zoonosis. Teach your kids to wash their hands, after touching the dog, specially before meals, and don't let the dog lick their faces. If you or someone of your family is bitten, clean the wound, and let the doctor take care of the vaccine. A dog's bite can produce tetanus; the bacteria introduces through deep wounds caused by the dog's teeth. The risk ofhydrophobiahas already been mentioned before. Using prepared or cooked food will minimize the risk of diseases, like the salmonella, that can affect your dog and expand to your family.

There is, potentially, a major risk of zoonosis diseases that are caught out of home, cause some dog's owners are not as demanding with disinfecting. For instance, the Toxocara eggs are alive for a long period of time, once they are established in some place. The only way to destroy them is by intense heat over a hard surface like concrete. In the land they can survive around two years. Of course, lost dogs represent a great source of infection, probably cause they haven't been disinfected as most pets. Kids are more prone to the Toxocara between eighteen months and three years old, possibly due to their way of life. Try to watch them when in public places, like parks, so they cannot get some contact with feces. By law, a regular disinfecting process is mandatory in New Zealand, the menace of the Toxocara would be greatly reduced.

What is mange? How can I recognize it in my dog?

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