Bracos: A European Pointer Family Hunting Dog

Within the family of pointers exists a group of European breeds referred to as Bracos. Well known inside of Europe for their hunting prowess these dogs have only recently begun to make inroads into the American kennel Club's list of recognized dog breeds. In accord with the definition assigned by dog experts the bracoides belong to breeds of dogs that have a prism shaped head. One of the primary physical characteristics that define the bracos from other pointers is the fact that their cranial-facial lines are divergent as opposed to the setter that has parallel cranial-facial lines. The Braco is perhaps the one hunting dog that embodies all the qualities that any hunter could ask for in a hunting dog. The origins of the Braco is a much disputed topic amongst dog experts and the search for the origins of the word braco have also given rise to much heated debate. What is true and generally accepted is that there are documents that speak of the direct ascendants of the Italian Braco that date to around 1000 AD. The Emperor Charlemagne issued a decree in 802 AD. that stated "anyone found mistreating or abusing a braconem parvum or brambraccus would be fined four denarios". All of these disputes about the Bracos lineage and origins are of little importance compared to its abilities and outstanding qualities when hunting. What is truly interesting is that this breed of hunting dog has maintained its purity as a hunting breed down through the centuries. This breed, while maintaining its physical characteristics, has over the course of time has become divided into three well defined groups, the Italian, the French and the German Bracos.

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