German Shorthaired Pointer or Kurzhaar as Hunting Dog

The German Shorthaired Pointer was developed in Germany in the 1800s to be used for hunting a wide variety of game. Some canine experts consider it to be the most versatile of all hunting dogs because of its intelligence and affectionate nature. This hunting dog breed was developed by crossing an older German Pointer breed with the English Pointer to create a highly capable, nimble, and alert breed. The German Shorthaired Pointer's coat is short, thick, and somewhat harsh. Because it of its density it is quite water-resistant helping to make it an excellent water dog. The color of the coat is usually a dark brown or black or either color with white. Normally the head is one solid color and the rest of the coat is white that is speckled brown or black and often has large patches of solid color on its sides. Its moderately long ears that are set high on the head hang down. Its muzzle is long, wide, and well built, allowing it to retrieve even larger heavy furred game. Its tail is normally docked, although some countries now prohibit this practice. The breed is slender, agile, and poised yet powerful, with muscular hindquarters that make it able to move swiftly and make fast turns. Its height varies anywhere from 53 to 65 cm., making this one of the larger small game hunting dog breeds. The German Shorthaired Pointer weighs from 25 to 32 kg, with the female usually being slightly smaller overall than the male. Like the other German Pointers—the German Wirehaired Pointer and the German Longhaired Pointer—this is one of the few hunting breeds that can perform virtually all hunting roles. It is pointer and retriever, bird dog and water dog, and unlike many other breeds can even be used for hunting larger and more dangerous game, and has the keen and powerful scent hound's talented nose. It is both a strong swimmer and works well on all terrain including rough terrain. It is persistent, indefatigable, resilient, and dependable. In short, it is a superb well-rounded hunting dog that has remained popular for many years with hunters of many nations.

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