Griffon Pointer Hunting Dog Breed

The Griffon was developed as a hardy, hunting dog that could work well hunting over any kind of ground and would stay close to the hunter, working in the polders; the marshy low-lying ground of the Netherlands. Very little, if anything, has changed in the purebred Griffon since Dr. E.B. Ilyus, the first secretary of the G.C.A. noted in 1917; "The chief characteristics in which the griffon excels, and is superior over setters and pointers, are his ready adaptability to all species of game, all climates, and all varieties of terrain, his exquisite nose, wonderful vitality and endurance, and the pronounced instinct which makes him the easiest of all dogs to train on game. As a retriever he has, in my opinion, no superior, and being very intelligent and affectionate, he makes an ideal hunter's companion."

One theory traces the Griffon to an ancient breed called the "Griffon Hound," with at least one cross with a "Pointer." Other sources speculate that there has been crossing with either the Braque Français or German Shorthaired Pointer. Other sources feel that contributors to the background of the Korthals Patriarchs included the Spaniel, Otterhound, French Barbet (a water retriever) and a Setter. In truth, there have been several breeds known "Griffons" or having "Griffon type" for several hundred years. Note that in historical Europe, many different breeds of dogs who had facial furnishings and wire coats were referred to simply as "Griffons." This is a description of "type" and not to be confused with one specific breed of dog. There are many breeds today which are still referred to as "Griffons;" such as the Korthals (Wire-haired Pointing Griffon), Griffon à poil laineux (French Woolly-haired Pointing Griffon), Spinone Italiano, Chien d'arret Italien à poil dur (Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog) and the Böhmisch Rauhbart, (Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon) can all be correctly referred to as "Griffons" but are, actually, separate breeds!

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