Hungarian Pointer or Hungarian Vizsla as Hunting Dog

The Hungarian Vizsla (pronounced VEEZH-la) is a hunting dog breed that has its origins in Hungary. Vizslas are excellent hunting dogs that are considered to be, along with the German Shorthaired Pointer, among the best and most well rounded hunting breeds. They are natural hunters with an excellent ability to take training. Not only are they capable pointers, but they are outstanding retrievers as well and Vizslas are excellent swimmers a fact that allows them to work in every type of hunt. It is a fast agile animal that has strong muscles (but a slight build) and an incredible speed and stamina that makes it an efficient hunter on almost any type of terrain. There are two existing theories pertaining to the Vizsla's history. The first theory traces the Vizsla back to very early times in Hungarian history and purports that the ancestors of today's Vizsla were the hunting dogs used by the Magyar tribes living in the in the 8th Century. Primitive stone etchings can be seen in the Carpathian Basin that seem to validate this theory. The other theory is that this breed is only a recent creation (19th Century) having its roots in other modern hunting dog breeds. Its coat is normally one of two types: smooth or wire-haired. With its coat being a solid golden rust color. Usually one third of the tail is cut off from its size at birth during the first week of life. The male Vizslas normally weigh from 25 to 29 kg. and stand 55 to 60 cm. tall at the shoulder with the females being slightly less heavy and smaller than the males.

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