Hunting Variety of Setter Breeds

Setters used to particularly selected and trained according to how their lucrative and rich owners wanted however, this did not favor the dog breed and there were some outstanding dog trainers that did away with this type of mixing and turning them into one unique breed. In the XVI century there were different varieties of well defined English setters such as those of the Featherstone Castle, those of lord Loyat which were black and white and those of Naworth; those of the count of Southesk looked like those of lord Loyat although there were also green, orange and white ones. Others also had shiny black ones etc. These colors still seem to mark the actual setters of today. The distinguished trainers of that day decided to get rid of these different varieties and were able to achieve – through a laborious and long selection – the most outstanding English setter, which is known as the Laverak setter. This notable dog was able to get all of the good qualities of its brothers and had an influence on the entire breed. Of all of the different types of setters that were, in actuality the list has been reduced to two types: the English setter and the Laverak setter. This does not mean that these two breeds are divided into separate breeds, but there are differences and characteristics that separate them although they are very similar in most ways such as in their behavior and hunting conditions. If I were an Englishman writing this section I would most definitely say that the English setter is the best breed in the world. Well although we won't go that far nor do we wish to disparage this beautiful and magnificent breed of dog. We will suffice it to say that the English setter is amongst the best of the pointers in the world.

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