Italian Bracos as Hunting Dog

There are documents that talk about the ancestor of this breed that existed in the year 1000. These dogs had white coats, and various colors around their bodies. However, later on there were writings that described a type of dog that was very similar to the ones that exist in actuality. Although there were some varieties of the Italian Braco, we can now say that there is only one type of this type of dog in actuality and the color of this dog is orangey white and whitish brown with spots of roan color. They also have short, fine and shiny hair. This breed has gone through some vicissitudes by having to confront themselves with the very rapid English setter and pointer breeds. The Italian Braco does not have the speed of the English setter or pointers but its work is more thorough; these dogs have an incredible ability to track and this makes talent makes up for other things it might lack. Italian Bracos are strong, slim, and vigorous and despite their robust look, they possess an incredible ability to walk about lightly without running. It's possible for these dogs to hunt just as quickly as other more rapid dogs however, after a time it's speed will slow down but its efficiency will increase. The height and weight of the Italian Braco varies greatly but within what is considered acceptable the male and female can stand 55 to 67 cm. tall and weigh 25 to 40 kg. The numbers given for the height and weight are the maximum and minimum so any animal outside of these extremes would not be considered a purebred. Although the Italian Braco might not have as acute and keen sense of smell as other hunting dogs like pointers and setters, which is why it normally hunts at a slower pace than these other breeds, its intelligence, relaxed character, docile nature and durability help this breed to shine at the hunt. It is a capable hunter on all types of terrain, in all climates and for all small game but is not a water dog and doesn't naturally enjoy hunting for aquatic avian.

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