English Laverack Setter as Hunting Dog

This variety of the English setter is one of the few breeds whose origins can be given with not only the names of its ancestors but even with dates included.
The creation of the Laverack setter began in 1825 when Sir Edward Laverack became the owner of two blue belton that had previously been the property of Rev. A. Harrison. One female named "Old Moll" and a male named "Ponts". This pair along with another already owned by Laverack, were bred and their descendants are the Laverack setter a dog whose skill in the field of hunting is rarely equaled by other breeds. In general characteristics the Laverack setter is much like its cousin the English setter with some differences in the coloring of its coat. The demeanor of the Laverack setter and its effectiveness during the hunt make this setter one of the most coveted of all setters. This breed is hardy, high-spirited and its ability to find mark and "freeze" prey make it a wonderful hunting companion. However due to its high-spiritedness and strong will it is necessary to maintain strict discipline if you hope to keep it pursuing its prey without leaving your side. In this respect the Laverack setter bears a striking resemblance to impetuous pointer but to be fair both of these breeds, can with consistent and adequate training, are considered to be two of the best breeds of pointers in the world. The Laverack setter is especially adept at hunting for birding (quail, partridge, woodcock, etc…) and although hunting for rabbit or hare is not considered among its strongest abilities it can still be trained to hunt small animals well. This breed is an especially capable hunter in thick vegetation. It grabs its prey gently and returns to its master without hesitation. It will search for and retrieve wounded animals with great skill providing it has been trained to do so.

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