Saint Germain Braco as Hunting Dog

This variety of Braco has a very distinctly different appearance from other Bracos in that it bears a very striking resemblance to the Pointer and the reason for this similarity in appearance is as follows. It seems that Charles X imported a pair of English Pointers by the names of "Miss" and "Stop" both having orange coats with white speckles. The female "Miss" was paired with a French Braco named "Zomar", and from this mix comes the Saint Germain Braco. The name Saint Germain is taken from the Saint Germain Forest where the puppies resulting from this first pairing of the English Pointer and French Braco where raised. The physical characteristics of the Saint Germain Braco are so similar to those of the Pointer that it has been many times confused for a Pointer. There are a few differences that make it easier to tell them apart such as their in the shape of their heads. For example the depression of the stop is less accentuated in the Saint Germain Braco than in the Pointer and it frequently has a small jowl, which the Pointer never has. The base of the tail is also set lower on the Braco and its muscular build is slightly less distinct looking. Its coat is short and soft and usually an opaque white with bright orange speckles. There will sometimes be white hairs apparent within the orange spots. Its skills as a hunter are well known and appreciated. It has a good sense of smell, beautiful stance when pointing, is resistant to fatigue and unlike some of the other varieties of French Bracos is quite a fast tracker although it should be noted that it is somewhat less persistent and systematic than some of the others. Over all it would have to be said that the Saint Germain Braco is a good breed for almost any type of hunter or prey.

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