Training Hunting Dogs

How to Train a hunting dog: For all true hunters the topics related to hunting, however trivial they may appear to the casual observer, are of great interest and almost always provoke great debate and diversity of opinion. For those that use dogs in hunting probably the most important and interesting of topics is the training and conditioning of hunting dogs, something that all hunting dogs must go through and one of the most crucial factors in creating a fine hunting dog. It does little good to acquire a pure bred with all the qualities needed for a particular style of hunting if you are then unable to build a close bond with it and to teach, train and coach it to not only hunt well but in a way that best suits your style and form of hunting. Understanding the basic physical characteristics of each hunting dog breed, their sicknesses, strengths and weaknesses, how to breed them and care for the puppies etc… are all important topics that should be known and understood. However it is very possible to become the owner of a fine hunting dog without knowing all of these details. The value and successfulness of a hunting dog rests almost entirely in the bond and understanding that exists between every great hunting dog and its owner. There are hunting enthusiasts who make the mistake of trying to borrow other people's hunting dogs under the erroneous assumption that since the dog does so well with its master it must be a perfect dog to have out on the hunt. A hunting dog is only as good as its bond with its owner and a dog that changes owners will without exception lose some of its prowess until enough time has passed for it to become accustomed to its new owner and build a new relationship.

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