Cat and Dog Pet Insurance

Pet cat and dog insurance is not difficult to come by but getting your dog to react well to cats is another story entirely. We all know the drill; the first reaction your dog will probably have toward seeing a cat will be to stalk it. Cats will generally freeze when this happens, thinking about whether it is convenient to face this huge predator or take a hike. When a cat sees a dog its ears become stiff, its eyes dilate, and it remains still waiting to see what the dogs reaction will be. If the two intend to fight, the cat will stiffen its body and it will let off a "hissing" sound and it will cause a bold dog to get aggravated. When a cat is mad, it will usually go for the face of its opponent and it can cause serious damage to a dogs eyes. Cats are able to scratch and slice at a dog's face quite deeply causing them to get infected. If a cat decides it does not want to fight with a dog, it will set off running, and this will provoke the dog to chase it. Usually cats are faster than dogs when it comes to running. However, it is possible for a dog to jump at and hurt the cat, or even killing it. This is why it's important to get a puppy when you have a cat in the house so that it learns to share its territory with the cat. If you have a different type of pet in the house, such as a rabbit, rodent, or bird, it will also be easier for the dog to adapt to them at a young age. All of this comes along with good training of the dog though. Remember that there are some breeds that were bred to specifically hunt smaller animals such as rodents and their instinct is to chase at anything that runs or makes noise. You might want to reconsider getting a hunting dog if you have a smaller pet in your house, or get the dog appropriately trained.

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