Cheap Pet Insurance

While there is no such thing as cheap pet insurance there are things that dog owners can do to help keep their dogs out of trouble. There are some important basic leash manners which all dog owners and their pets must learn if they are to interact well with other leashed dogs and their owners. Many times an adult dog that has aggression problems learnt these unfortunate traits as a puppy due to poor or misguided training. Dog naturally approach each other at a curved angle. Head to head approaches normally proceed aggression and is understood by the dogs to be a precursor to combat. Unfortunately most dog owners unwittingly approach each other in this head to head fashion. Dogs also have an understanding of their rank standing within the dog society and lower ranked dogs are expected to show deference to older superior dogs by lowering their heads and body. Unknowingly dog owners often pull up on the leash of their pet as they are approaching other dogs. This can then cause your dog to send a message of disrespect and aggression to the other higher ranked dog. The habit of pulling up on your dog's leash can also cause your dog to feel like he has no room to maneuver and there for feel more threatened. It is as important for your dog to practice good leash manners as it is for you to do the same. In order to better understand how you dog should act around other dogs while on a leash read up about inter dog relations online or in books which you can acquire at your local pet store. Training your dog to practice good leash manners by greeting other dogs from the side and not head to head or not jumping up on another dog that is leashed will take time and education on both of your parts. It will be well worth all of the time you invest.

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