Cheapest Pet Insurance

I recently adopted a new dog and although people told me to get the cheapest pet insurance I could find I wanted to be sure and give my new pet the best possible. Something I did learn with this dog is that it's very important to establish as soon as possible concrete meal times. If you want to change your dog's diet, do it little by little and gradually to avoid digestive problems. You will need to let your dog know where it is he is going to be sleeping, and where he must do his needs, but be patient if it takes him awhile to learn all this. Remember to prize the dog each time he has done what you want him to. Readopted and rescued dogs are more likely to become excessively dependent on you. So you must avoid showing the dog too much affection during the first days or the dog could get separation anxiety. You will need to leave the dog alone during a little while several times a day; start by leaving for five minutes, then ten, etc up until three to four hours if necessary. If the dog is too boisterous, this type of training will help the dog calm down. Make sure though, to leave the dog with lots toys to avoid him from getting bored. Walk the dog about thirty minutes every day and take some time to play with him outside so that he can let off energy. You can use a long leash and make sure to not let him off the leash when you are in a public place during the first weeks you are getting to know him. Even though the dog is obedient in the house, you can never be sure about how he is going to react while outside of the house with cats, other dogs, people, children, traffic, noise, etc.

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