Dog Health Insurance

Dog health insurance is very important for any dog whether they are puppies or full grown. Since dogs teeth are so vital to their quality of life it is important to understand how they grow. Dog's teeth usually begin to show up during the third and fourth week of life, and a six week old puppy usually already has twenty eight baby teeth, in other words, his first complete set of teeth. These baby teeth generally begin to fall out during the dog's fourth month of age, and then his adult teeth begin to grow. During the following two months premolars and molars will begin showing up, which the dog will later use to bite at meat and bones and which will help him chew his food. Teeth are essential tools for a canine's life and they serve as defense for when a dog needs to attack. When a dogs teeth first start coming in, they tend to destroy the furniture because chewing relieves the discomfort they feel. To avoid this from happening, provide your dog a lot of dog chewing toys. There are puppies that have teething problems believe it or not. Sometimes dog's adult teeth will come in when the baby tooth has not yet fallen out meaning that the new teeth will begin to grow in the wrong place, and this ends up creating problems down the line. If this has happened to your dog, it's very important the baby teeth get removed as soon as possible (with anesthesia). It is still unknown why dog's baby teeth do not come out on their own sometimes, although it does seem to be a hereditary defect in certain breeds. It's important to check your puppy's teeth regularly. Don't wait until the dog or puppy has a problem to then check. Regularly brushing your dog's teeth will also help to reduce the chances of periodontal disease, which is the most common oral problem in dogs. Bacteria and plaque on dog's teeth causes the dog's gums to get swollen and infected causing gingivitis. Then, the gums get ulcers and the plaque on the dog's teeth becomes hard, and it causes big problems.

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