Dog Liability Insurance

Due to the high cost of dog liability insurance it is vital that all dogs be kept on leashes. The best time to teach your dog about the leash is when he is a puppy. To prepare him for a leash try the following advice. With a buckle collar and a leash that isn't heavy begin with your puppy wearing it for ten to thirty minutes, three times a day for a week. He should be allowed to just drag it around the house or yard or you can attach the end of the leash to his favorite toy or another already trained dog. Your puppy will probably whine, scratch at the leash, step all over it or try to chew it but be patient and ignore the complaints. To stop the chewing, spray a chewing deterrent all over the leash before play time. After your puppy has become accustomed to dragging the leash pick up the end and lure him to walk by your left side with a toy or some other enticement. As with any training the key factors for success are rewarding the appropriate behavior and avoiding the inappropriate. To help your dog learn that pulling his leash just doesn't get him what he wants. You are going to have to not follow when the leash is tight and he is trying to pull you. This might mean that you will have to stop walking your dog for a little while but this is better than reinforcing his pulling habit. Since pulling has worked for your dog up until now, training him otherwise will not just happen from one day to the next. It will take repetition, practice and lots of good yummy treats. Your dog has learnt over time that pulling is the way to get around and if you hope to end this habit you will have to use lots of repetitions and lots of delicious treats. You want your dog to choose the treat more than over pulling. Use new ideas and make your training times fun and before you know it your dog will be walking calmly by your side.

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