Pet Insurance for Home and Travel

david - Posted on 02 December 2010

Pet insurance has become more and more common in recent years, as the costs of veterinary treatment have increased. Of course, this insurance itself is one of the sources of rising costs, since vets know they can charge more for procedures, but if you want to make sure your golden retriever gets the care they need in any situation, then unless you are independently wealthy, buying pet insurance is your best option for guaranteeing that.

There are a multitude of things that can happen to a dog which will need an expensive emergency procedure. They may fall, be struck by a vehicle, eat something poisonous or be bitten by a poisonous snake, get a sudden illness, or even be injured trying to defend you or your home. These events are rare, but when they happen, the need for care is urgent, and the need for a means to pay for it – so that you can preserve the life of your beloved pet rather than having to have them euthanized because you can’t afford a fairly simple but expensive procedure that would return them to perfect health and many more years at your side – is equally urgent.

Pet insurance policies typically cover most situations except, in some cases, genetic disorders. Others cover genetic disorders but charge more for certain breeds of dog that are prone to them. For example, hip dysplasia is fairly common in golden retrievers, so this might not be covered by the policy.

Pet insurance can sometimes prove to be especially critical when you are traveling. If your golden retriever is taken suddenly ill on a trip, or is injured – and there is, of course, a greater chance of injury away from home, in an environment with many cars around, not to mention strange dogs who may have communicable diseases – then pet insurance may be the only way you can get the treatment your pooch needs from a vet who doesn’t know you.

Many vets will not accept checks from people they don’t know, and since you may not have the cash to handle a sizeable vet bill (and if the emergency is bad enough to need a vet, then the bill is probably not going to be $20), pet insurance is the only way to get them to help your animal, unless they are feeling particularly generous.
It provides a lot of peace of mind on your travels if you know that your pet insurance will cover your golden retriever anywhere in the United States, and that your dog is therefore as assured of medical care at need as you are.