Pet Insurance Plan

I am very happy with the pet insurance plan that I signed up for recently. It is not only comprehensive but also relatively cheap. Something the insurance rep told me that I thought was very good advice was to use a leash on your dog if you love him, and this way you will avoid the opportunity for him to run off. This also helps your dog to realize that while he obeys he will not have to wear the leash whereas if he disobeys the leash will be put on him. Don't use the leash to pull on him though. Use it to limit his options and help him to learn the best alternatives. Remember that your dog needs rewards if he is to choose to come back to you. Dogs enjoy running around chasing other dogs, playing with a kid, and sniffing around. Make sure that you are prepared with other toys or games as rewards for him. It is a great idea to use rewards to teach your dog that you are in control and have access to what he wants. Use a range of different rewards and treats to help increase your dog's good behavior and at the same time this will help you in the course of teaching him. Yummy fun treats, like beef jerky, steak, liver, chicken, hot dogs and beef are very enticing or use toy gifts, like Frisbees or stuffed animals etc. Some people may think that this is bribing but actually what you are doing is ensuring that your dog checks with you or asks you before getting what he wants. Games are a good idea too, like playing fetch and Frisbee, wresting etc. these games will help an active energetic dog to release all that energy and distract him from chasing squirrels, playing with children, running off to jump in the pond, and everything else he likes doing.

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