Pet Life Insurance

Although I have pet life insurance for my dog I know that dogs are in constant need of exercise, play, and training to be happy and healthy. When you begin to see that he does something in extreme like barking too much or digging, it usually means that he needs more attention and stimulation in other areas. Usually this behavior occurs when a dog is bored or is not getting enough exercise, he might also need to spend more time with his owner. Frustration is another factor that can result in digging. Dogs often times are confined inside gated areas. It can get frustrating for him to hear noise outside but not be able to get outside. When a dog has been confined for a long time he will often times try to dig his way outside. Be sure to check on your dog when he's in the yard and keep in mind the things we suggested on boredom. Spend time with your dog. Go outside and play with him, this will entertain him and distract him from digging. Giving your dog enough exercise is always one thing that will help you in the long run. Making sure your dog constantly gets enough exercise will ensure to reduce the digging problem. Dogs need at least half an hour of exercise a day, but if you have a very active dog – as most dogs who dig a lot are – then he will need anywhere from one – three hours a day. Let him run around off the leash, play with other dog friends, or take him to a day care. He needs constant exercise and action. Make sure you are doing everything for him before you start getting crabby about his digging problem.

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