Allergy Medicine For Dog

Getting allergy medicine for a new dog is just one of many things that should be done for the dog. Make sure before getting a dog to talk to your family about it. Pick a breeder that has gotten the puppy used to being around a family environment, and make sure the dog you choose is not a nervous one.

Don't get a dog from the animal shelter or pound, unless you are completely sure the dog will get along with children. If a child is raised with a very aggressive or naughty dog, that child tends to become an insecure adult and ends up disliking or hating dogs. On the other hand, if a dog has to put up with a naughty, aggressive and irresponsible child, he will probably not like children for the rest of his life either. It's very normal for children to be around the dog twenty-four seven during the first few days. Kids are usually fascinated about the idea of having a dog. So, give your dog a place he can have a "time out" to hide when he needs to get away from the children. Give your children responsibilities and have them participate in the care of the dog such as cleaning up after him, feeding him etc and make sure to always supervise your kids when they take care of the dog or when they play with him. If you leave the dog alone with the children, they could cause the dog to learn unwanted behavior such as jumping on people, chasing, and biting. It's important everyone in the family understand that the dog is now part of the family and that the dog needs to get taught and trained besides just taken care of so that he does not turn into an unmanageable dog.

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