Arthritis Medicine For Dog

I was reading about an American entrepreneur that lived in London in the late eighteen hundreds and how he offered dog biscuits that were supposed to be arthritis medicine for dogs. Frustrated with his inability to find suitable food for his pooch he came up with a recipe for dog biscuits containing meal, meat and vegetables; a well-balanced meal all in a little biscuit. Well his dog loved them and so did the biscuit loving Brits. Mr. Spratt quickly patented and began selling his creation as Spratt's Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes. Within a few short years competition between American and British companies was lively with everyone wanting a piece of this lucrative pie. The benefits claimed by the rival dog biscuit manufactures were bold if not a little over the top. Spratt's dog biscuits were not only healthy but could even cure worms among other illnesses!

The Slater Brothers had British Lords promoting their biscuits and the Anchor Biscuit Works of London began importing buffalo meat from America and selling it in their W.G. Clarke's Buffalo Meat Biscuits. Well I don't really believe that any of these biscuits was a dog arthritis medicine but I can only imagine that plenty of people believed the advertising. The success of these early entrepreneurs is quite amazing and the huge processed pet food industry that we have today is testament to this success. Of course if your dog has arthritis and it needs medicine you should take it to the veterinarian so the doctor can prescribe exactly what your dog needs.

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