Dog Kennel Modular

It is a good idea to keep working dogs in modular dog kennels. The Australian Cattle dog is a perfect example of a working dog. It has a very strong, agile and resistant look to it and its body is very compact and well built. This dog is an excellent watch and guard dog. This breed loves the outdoors and it isn't the most adequate for house life. The owner of this dog must be very firm and decided since this is a dog that has a lot of character and it can be temperamental, even more so then any other sheep dog.

Good training and discipline is fundamental for this dog from a very young age. There have been rumors that say that this dog is a wild dog, but it is actually very well balanced, stable, and protective. This dog is very adaptable and versatile and can give a lot of satisfaction to its owners. It loves playing, working, and resting next to its owners. It does better if it is the only dog in the house. Probably due to their very large genetic base and the extreme selectiveness that went about because of their working abilities, the Australian cattle dog practically does not suffer from genetic abnormalities and they are not very susceptible to diseases, not even cancer. It has been observed they sometimes suffer from kidney stones. The life span of this dog is anywhere from nine to twelve years. By keeping these dogs in outdoor modular dog kennels you will actually be increasing its life span.

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