Pet Medicine Chest

The pet medicine chest is a great read with lots of good advice and tips for animal lovers. I was especially impressed with the following information about helping pets get along with each other. With so many factors to consider, it is virtually impossible to predict how one pet will respond to another. Not all dogs and cats are destined to be antagonists. Not every non-spayed male will reject a new male in its territory. If you already have a dog or cat, adding a second dog or cat of the opposite sex does not guarantee they will get along. There are many factors to consider when introducing pets for the first time. The species, breed, size, gender, age, individual temperament, and health status of each pet all contribute to their initial encounter and eventual coexistence. Here are some general guidelines for introducing a new pet to resident pets:
•Take your time. A gradual process of discovery and investigation is best.
•Spend extra "quality time" alone with each pet during the transition period. Reassure your resident pet and establish bonds with the new pet.
•Watch for impending fights. A smaller pet is in more danger from injury by a larger pet than the reverse. A dog attack is more likely to severely injure a cat than a cat's attack on a dog.
•Give a frightened animal an avenue of escape. Fights can result in intentional or unintentional injury of anyone preventing retreat or blocking the path to safety.
•Consider your own safety before interfering with aroused or fighting animals. Proceed with caution, but recognize that you could be injured.

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