Avoiding Puppy Retention

In general, all carnivores give birth in a natural, easy and quick way. However, there are times in which a misplaced puppy -- or the whole litter if the mother is not healthy -- can be retained.

Again, I must insist on the importance of the pregnant mother being completely healthy because in abnormal cases like this, there is a danger of developing a septic state. In general, administering large doses of raspberry leaf powder less a teaspoon of molasses blended with enough water is enough to help the mother. This preparation has to be given orally to mother and, if necessary, given to her by force as raspberry leaves have a bitter taste when consumed in such large quantities.

Going back to the case of puppy retention, you must put the mother on a strict fast until all the puppies have been expelled. A semi fast based on a diet of one quarter of a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey three times a day is it out. In more severe cases, you can administer two spoonfuls of wild mint infusion mixed with a spoonful of fig salt; administer this three times a day. Drinking a wild flax tea, along with the milk and honey preparation, is also healthy. Also, on my trips to Central America, I invented a new formula which I used on goats in the farms I visited, where many of the mothers died while giving birth to their offspring, during spring. The infusion that I prepared saved all of them; there were no more deaths, neither of the mothers nor other children. The formula consists in 6 Ivy leaves, 1 teaspoon of scarlet sage, 1 teaspoon of male southernwood, a twig of Rosemary, 4 cloves and half a liter of water. All these ingredients are placed in a pot; you completely cover this and put on low fire. Remove it before boiling point and let it soak for three hours; don't drain it out. Slowly administer 4 spoonfuls of this preparation and repeat every three hours. If you do not get a positive result and the mother is very uncomfortable and unable to expel the retained puppies, a surgical intervention might be necessary.

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