Best Dog Birth Season

Going back to the female dog, in order to make sure that she is in a perfect state of health when you cross her, you should also take into consideration what season of the year the litter is going to be born. Litters that are born during spring are natural whereas the ones that are born during winter are not. It's evident that recently imported breeds, which proceed from lands where they've been allowed to lead a normal, natural life are frequently semi-wild and rarely enter in heat more than once a year. They join together for a lifetime and remain faithful to their partner. In the breeding of dogs, you should let the female dog mate with the male that she prefers. You shouldn't oblige her to mate with a dog she hates just because that dog has a good pedigree.

Horse breeders prudently give a greater value to the horses that are born during spring than to those born during winter. The general idea in the horse-breeding world is that foals born during winter never get to be as strong and vigorous as those born during spring.

A lot has to do here with the milk: in spring, when the herd is in the pasture eating fresh grass, the quality of the milk comes out better than the milk of winter. Certainly, the "winter" milk of cows and goats isn't appropriate for weaning dogs.

Menstruation, or "heat" period, also represents a partial disintoxication process of the organism. The reproductive organs are areas of the body that are more frequently loaded with toxins in wrongly raised animals. The mating period of a healthy female dog is short and there isn't any type of smelly suppuration. In such cases, it's merely a loss in the reproductive organs that are preparing to mate and, subsequently, to give birth; the disintoxication process is short. Give the female dog a lighter diet than what she is used to when she is in heat. Give less meat. Give her special herbs for females, which will also be used if she gets pregnant. The most known herbs are wild strawberry leaves, chamomile, elder tree flowers, rose sweetbriar and male southernwood.

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