Border Collie Pregnancy

These collies, during specific periods, eat a certain amount of food based on dead lamb, cow skeletons and also rabbit guts. There is a certain superstition amongst framers that they shouldn't feed their collies meat, for fear they might become "assassins". But I have personally lived with many border collies and I have seen them unearth dead cow carcasses or collect them from rivers.

However, I realize that the people who praised this breed a couple of decades ago now see that the breed has decayed a bit and is now suffering from many of the same diseases as the other breeds are, in this case due to the fact that farm animal food has greatly lost its natural, whole, life-filling properties, turning it into the kind of food you can normally buy in your local supermarket, in other words, trash.

In a recent program on TV they mentioned that the helpful collie receives no care and that, even though his daily labor saves the farmer hundreds of dollars a week, it is unlikely that the farmer spends more than 5 dollars on the collie, at least as a reward for the labor he has done.

Border collies are already affected by a hereditary disease of the eyes which ends up in total blindness, a very tragic occurrence in a labor breed whose ability and skill depends a lot on his precise vision.

Therefore, it seems logical that a reproductive dog (be it male or female) receive a proper health care. And, for you as a dog buyer, pay attention to how the reproducers have been fed and cared for. It is just as relevant (actually for me it is more important) as getting the necessary points to qualify for an exposition. Anyway, the success at expositions depends a lot on different important factors like a good bone structure, developed mantle, natural movements, all of which, at the same time, depends on a perfect state of health. In most breeds (the dog is a carnivorous animal), a favorable point to be able to compete in expositions is to have powerful jaws; the harmonious development of the jaw is greatly determined by a good up-bringing.

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