Caring for the Pregnant Dog

My half a century of working in the world of veterinary medicine has revealed to me the horrible number of canine diseases that are so common nowadays all around the world. Almost 50 % of these afflictions are hereditary and it will take drastic measures to get rid of them completely. But the remaining 50% is easily avoidable and curable by quickly and unconditionally adopting habits related to the natural caring of the animals.

The dog is an animal that is very easy to keep in good health. He doesn't have, for example, the intricate digestive system of the human being, who converts the health preservation or the healing of a disease into something very complicated and long term; even a kid can keep a dog in good health, and however, due to the prevalence of unnatural methods, it sickens me to think on the amount of common canine diseases that are present in our civilized world today. In order to be able to understand the vastness of the problems related to dog diseases, we only have to skim through text books of the modern veterinary medicine and study the long list of disease that afflict an animal species, whose anatomy and way of life should allow it to healthier than all other domestic species. Such an unpleasant reading should lead us to thinking.

I wrote the section about raising puppies to ensure that they all have the same opportunity to enjoy a good health. When puppies are raised with the methods I mention, canine diseases will definitely disappear in the following generations. This has been my experience and that of the best breeders in the whole world. On this subject, a breeder I know told me, "Never before have I seen such precocious and keen and intelligent puppies. It's as if they felt insurmountably well."

A greyhound expert I know, who also writes on the subject, said he saw two beautiful black greyhounds at a dog show. These two dogs caught his attention so much that he started investigating and they told him that they had been fed following my methods (it must've been around the late 70s). He was so impressed by the extraordinary liveliness of the puppies that he gave them important qualifications. Those puppies came from the first litter of puppies that I raised.

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