Cat Care

Cats are somewhat forgotten in most manuals that talk about the care of pets. But actually any herb-based veterinarian treatment can be applied to cats too. All you have to do is relate the canine diseases to the similar feline ones; almost all canine diseases have their feline equivalent. Even the modern viral disease, parvovirus, is symptomatically related to one of the worst feline grievances, Panleucopenia or feline distemper.

The treatment for hepatitis is exactly the same for dogs and cats, as well as for people. The same goes for pulmonary diseases and four diseases related to the kidneys and nerves, and for external treatments of skin diseases, including worms, ticks and fleas.

Actually the only difference in herbal treatments for dogs and cats is in the dose, as cats require much less than medium dogs. For example, you would give a cat the same dose that you would give a toy or small dog.

Anyway, even though you were to give your cat an overdose, it wouldn't present in and any problems, as I may only suggest harmless herbs and I avoided prescribing poisonous ones. The latter are never necessary and there is always an alternative herb, which is harmless and fulfills the same function as the poisonous one.

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