Dogs Eating Meat

The dog belongs to the group of carnivores, and in the wild they feed on meat. Scientist have studied the skeletons of wild dogs and proved that they were in excellent physical conditions.

Therefore, dogs are, above all else, meat eaters, as their whole anatomy is adapted to a carnivorous lifestyle; with teeth made specifically to tear and crush, jaws with strong muscles, a small yet powerful and muscular stomach, a short intestine (this is beneficial as the food doesn't have time to rot) and, moreover, the extremely powerful gastric fluids, particular to carnivores, that can even dissolve splintered bones.

From a healthy point of view, a dog's gastric fluids and saliva are highly antiseptic; that's why a dog can eat "rotten" meat and also meat from sick animals, all of which could easily kill a human being in a day. However, you should avoid meat with a suspicious color (coming, for example, from an inflammatory state); anyway, your dog himself will usually refuse this kind of meat.

A dog's digestive capacity is very weak, if we compare it, for example, with that of a goat, which is an animal about the same size of a grown dog. Herbivores (e.g. cows, horses, etc.) can assimilate a great amount of food, and can consume more grain and fodder in a short space of time. As far as the dog, with his little stomach, he can not assimilate more than small amounts of food. Therefore, the rule of thumb consists in giving him small quantities of concentrated food, being raw meat one of the main ones.

The meat must be cut up in pieces, allowing the muscles of the stomach and intestines, gastric fluids and, obviously, the teeth and jaw to all function properly. If you replace the raw meat with other things, the carnivorous digestive organs will suffer. So, we easily understand that raw meat must represent at least 75% off a carnivorous animal's diet.

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