Dont Overfeed your Pregnant Dog

You'd be making a big mistake if you give your pregnant dog twice as much food as you normally do. The idea that backs this wrongful practice is based on the belief that the unborn litter, developing rapidly inside, has to be well fed in all respects.

As I have already said, this idea is way off, and if you put it into practice there will most probably be adverse effects, causing deposits of fermented food inside the intestines, besides an extra load in the blood flow, which is already face with more work in a time like this, having to eliminate the wastes coming from fast-growing embryos.

A pregnant dog does, however, need an extra supply of milk in order to provide the extra calcium she needs; she also requires pure and fresh water, which must be available day and night. The additional intake of water is likewise recommended to clean the dog's kidneys which are also making part of the effort of getting rid of the unborn poppies excrement that is in the mom's organism. If the female dog is evidently thirstier, it is a good sign that she is pregnant.

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