First Rules for Raising Healthy Puppies and Kittens

Here's the first and most important rule to raising puppies and kittens healthily: a natural lifestyle and a diet based on natural food. I will delve into the issue of living naturally after I talk about the general care of puppies; right now I will basically talk about the diet.

Although I talk a lot about diet, I wanted to refer to it always bearing in mind that the owner of the dog is totally responsible for his dog's health from the time he is a puppy. He's, as well, responsible if the dog is in a precarious state, suffering and sick. food serves three basic purposes: to nourish, foment growth and maintain a good state of health.

A doctor I knew made the following question, "can we foment resistance to infectious diseases by means of a good diet?" Now that is a problem that still hasn't been completely discussed. This section of this site will help prove that a natural diet plays an important and indisputable role in preventing diseases.

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