General Care for the Reproductive Bitch

The reproductive female dog requires a careful treatment, both psychological and physical. This general treatment not only affects the health of the dog, but also plays an important role in the health of the litter, before and after birth. First I will talk about the psychological factor.

I completely hate that an animal simply becomes a breeding machine, especially a dog, because of its great capacity of affection towards his/her owners and because of the developed intelligence, both physical and spiritual. All over the world there are hundreds of brie grounds that keep their dogs virtually prisoners: year after year, they are taken out of their cages so that they can cross and give birth; after that, they are returned to their cages faced with countless months of mental boredom; there are whole world is all but a fenced cement patio (which is the kind of patio that those people who keep their dogs prisoners prefer to have because it's easier to keep them "clean" than the ones that are made of brick or natural grass). It isn't surprising that, because of this kind of treatment, the authoring of these dogs have gained the reputation of being "idiots". For me, the reproductive dog (both male and female) has to be considered as a very important been, therefore, worthy of privileges. It is only true when we take into account that the perpetuation of a particular line depends a whole lot on the health and conceiving aptitudes of the rubric of mother. Remember: 50% of an offspring's aptitudes is inherited from the mother.

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