Lack of Care of a Pregnant Dog

The caring of the pregnant dog is almost always put to a side by most breeders. She is simply crossed and then they wait for her to give birth to the litter after a nine-week period; nothing is changed in relation to the diet or general care. In exceptional cases in which the mother is given special treatment, it's usually anti-natural. There normally is a tendency to overfeed them, which results in chubby, inactive puppies, which cause problems at the moment of giving birth. She is medicated with chemical calcium to build strong bones, but it only irritates the kidneys and causes an unnatural fragileness of the bone structure (which also cause the embryos bone structure to become rigid, thus making birth labor more difficult).

An abandonment of this sort is really surprising; especially when you consider the health of the future litter depends on the health mother's health during the nine-week period of pregnancy. The truth is that the health of the puppies depends 50% on the prenatal care and food.

Arabs say about their famous horses that the stud bequeaths the class to the foal whereas the mare provides the health. They (the Arabs) give their procreative mares the best attention possible in order to ensure the health of the foal. The same kind of care is necessary for the female dog that is intended for procreation ever since she is a puppy if we want her to, as an adult, raise a really healthy litter and capable of improving the level of health of the breed.

I once read something about a primitive ethnic tribe that lives naturally in the Indian mountains that goes beyond my comments regarding the effect of a baby's prenatal health, stating, "Unless the mother is completely healthy and transmits healthy blood to her offspring during pregnancy, the baby will never be completely healthy." And, nevertheless, how many dogs are crossed every year meanwhile so many of them suffer some kind of disease or affliction: skin infections, kidney problems, obesity, glandular diseases and many other unhealthy states? It's not surprising that these dogs turn out to be sterile or that they produce languishing litters that from the moment of birth already present some kind of disease classified as epidemic, especially the modern parvovirus. Or, if the litters that are procreated by sickly stock survive, such animals tend to suffer from rickets or have scarce hair, and they are very prone to getting worm infestations or they chronically suffer from one or many of the canine diseases that have already become accepted as normal.

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