Make your Pregnant Dog feel Confident

Throughout the period of pregnancy, the dog needs more human company and additional exercise in order to stay mentally alert and active. You must establish a feeling of absolute confidence between yourself and the dog so that, in case of birth publications, she can surrender her body into the hands of her owner (visit a very important point for saving a dog and her litter in case of an unexpected or complicated birth). A relation of this kind also eliminates the risk of the mother destroying her litter, which usually happens simply due to nervous hysteria. You have to protect the mom from any alarming noise when she is with her litter, and never obligate her to do her physiological needs inside her makeshift bed. I know readers who, with pregnant dogs, leave their breeding grounds for a whole day with the dogs locked up. This absolute cruelty seems to be a habitual norm amongst dog breeders. In light of this, should it really surprise us that so many dogs destroy their puppies?

Practical care depends on the correct diet and daily exercise. As is natural, in the first days in the exercises will be very limited, but you should make it easy for the dog to walk around and leave her litter for short, frequent intervals so that she can stretch her legs, urinate and clean her intestines. There is another basic care which you must not forget about, and that is the daily cleansing of the body favoring the complete circulation of the blood; this regular daily cleansing is also beneficial for the nervous system of the mother. The fast will also be used to favor the general internal body cleansing. Half a day a week and one whole day a month is enough. The complete day of fasting a month, both during pregnancy and nursing, is essential for a truly complete health; that's why you shouldn't omit it.

It is natural for the pregnant dog to fast the day she's going to give birth and during at least the following 24 hours after birth. Female cats often refuse all kinds of food during the two or three days after birth.

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