Meals For Your Dog

Giving cereal to your dog
The cereal you give to your dog is much less important than a diet based on meat; however, carnivores obtain numerous essential mineral elements, as well as vitamins and particularly vitamin E. which conditions fertility, present in all cereal bran, with preference wheat and corn, so it is easy to the doctor this food is relevant enough to have it in consideration.

The immeasurable nutritional value of cereals will be easily understood when you stop to think about the wonderful health a bull or a stud, both raised on a vegetable diet. Dog owners, who feed their dogs only on meat excluding all kinds of cereals, make a big mistake and their animals might not be able to enjoy a completely healthy life; their diet, being partial, will result in a partial state of health. Equally pernicious is a diet with refined cereals, whose nutritional value is practically zero; most essential minerals, vitamins and cosmic forces that justify the presence of cereals in a dog diet, are absent in refined flour, which forms a gooey paste in the stomach, provoking prevail in canine gastric disorders and diseases in general, including rickets. We must remember that the dog has always ingested a semi digested cereals as part of his diet. The first thing he would do after killing his prey was -- and still is -- opened its belly and devour all the grain and vegetable matter that was present in the intestines of the prey, which was usually herbivorous. This way, dogs used to get tree bark in the interior of the intestines of rabbits or goats, an excellent food for them.

When establishing a balanced diet for the dogs, you always have to bear in mind what kind of food his potential preys -- rabbits, goats, etc. -- eat, and what is found in the intestines of these preys.

Obtained this way, these grains, vegetables, herbs or barley are usually semi-digested by the prey before its death. As herbivorous animals chew and salivate, a great part of the ingestion is carried out in the mouth -- in fact, it starts there -- they don't swallow the food whole, like carnivorous animals do. So you understand how, unlike carnivorous food, fresh cereal grains taken from the plant can not be digested by the dogs themselves, going down the intestines practically intact.

One thing has to be clarified: during the modern epizootics (epidemic among animals of a single kind within a particular region) of mixomatosis, which was artificially diffused among the rabbit population, it was noticed that foxes, being deprived of their habitual prey, the rabbits, would steal wheat to satisfy their hunger. The intestines of these dead foxes were found full of wheat and oats consumed directly from their correspondent plant, which prevented the animals from dying from hunger.

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