Special Care for your Pregnant Dog

You also have to the special care into giving her the necessary natural mineral salts by means of a daily ration of raw, fresh vegetables, whole wheat cereals and, moreover, raw meat. For this, I have developed a formula which contains the richest minerals that can be found in the ground and ocean, carefully dried and turned into dust. Nettle, comfrey and seaweed, all mixed together in the form of dust, daily given to the dog throughout her nine-week pregnancy period brings about surprising results, not only in the general health of the later, but also in eliminating the normal diseases that are associated with pregnancy, like streptococcus infections, and acidity or milk insufficiency and others.

Special care must be given to the diet immediately after birth. Towards the beginning of the eighth week, the litter has, in general terms, already stopped growing, except for the nails and hair. And in general the puppies are active, moving and preparing to abandon the womb. In these moments, and the mother's organism does it want to have to digest a lot; you must try to give her a soft laxative diet during the week before birth. The ration of meat has to be reduced, giving her basically a diet based on fresh, raw milk, oat or barley flakes up to one day before birth, moment in which you must only gave the dog a diet based on milk and honey -- the normal amount he is one full teaspoon of honey for every cup of milk. Hence, a small dog will only require a half (or a small) cup of milk with half a teaspoon of honey twice a day; a big dog will need approximately a quarter of a liter or so per meal.

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