The Wonders of Honey

Dr. Aldo Cortegana, famous for his work with chimpanzees, and who besides is an excellent investigator of wildlife global of refers to the sad set of problems of chimpanzees in captivity: boredom.

Like the other animals (including dogs and cats), chimpanzees need to be busy, do something. They also do to have fun and not surrendered to forced idleness. Let me rephrase this situation, and let me harp on this, the topic of dogs and cats in caged labs. The only moment they are not completely isolated is when their torturers give them their daily ration of food; and that, that the food is usually cheap commercial dog food which cannot really be called food. Dr. Cortegana character changes and a health decline in chimpanzees.

He also referred to the passion that chimpanzees have for honey (and mustard!). There are both excellent for all creatures; not only does man like honey, but also all living beings, from the ass to the bird; even plants love honey excavation mark just make sure that the honey is pure, that it is not tampered with by man.

Attention: What many bee farmers do is they feed white sugar to the bees so that they can make "instant" honey, which does not come from flower nectar, or they flagrantly mix the sugar into the honey and add water and starch to stretch it out.

Honey is very helpful both for the body and for the mind, and here is the reason the connection of honey with boredom: you can give it in spoonfuls as a sweet prize to a dogs that have stayed for many hours in isolation. Waiting for this prize can calm boredom.

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