Using Medical Plants to treat Cats and Dogs

In the following section I will list the general canine diseases in alphabetical order and I will mention the herbs that eliminate and cure them. It is hard for the people who live in cities to go out and find these herbs, you can get them in their dry presentation in herbalist's shops.

I have only enumerated the most generalized diseases and the ones that can be effectively treated with these plants. I have excluded some diseases that I'm not easily cured and which are the result of a long incorrect unnatural breeding. Most of these diseases could have been avoided if the laws of nature had been followed.

I could argument that, if the right breeding methods were followed, then it would be very easy to avoid any and all diseases. But you must take into account that in the domestic conditions that most dogs are under, it is very difficult to bring dogs up in the truly natural way. You have, for example, the question of meat; the real source of meat for dogs comes mainly from smaller specimen of the animal kingdom, in other words, rabbit, hare, sheep and goat, etc. All these animals are not really easy to find in normal butcher shops, at least not as dog food. The meat that dogs usually receive is, on the contrary, generally cow meat, and in many cases, this meat comes from sick animals. Plus, the meat that dogs consume must always be in its raw state. However, nowadays is the most normal thing to feed dogs that horrible anti-natural packaged dog food. I mean, it just goes against all logic. Sad to say, because of their commercial interests of the manufacturers of these products, this situation won't change in the immediate future unless everybody becomes aware of the danger of such products.

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