Vaccines and Hormones For Cats & Dogs

Even though vaccination was invented by a rural English doctor, the whole system is based almost entirely on the microbial theory of Louis Pasteur.

Pasteur was unable to keep his body healthy and suffered from mouth paralysis in his latter years; likewise, he lost a lot of his family members due to different diseases!! I've always believed that a good doctor should be able to cure himself well and then he can treat others too. If I hadn't been able to treat my own dogs, cats, cows, horses, pigs, and chickens with my own prescriptions, I would have never had the nerve to preach them to others. I can wholeheartedly say that the treatments that I recommend for the different diseases are nothing but effective.

I also firmly believe that vaccines do nothing but weaken the animals' immunity system instead of strengthening it. The disease and death rate amongst dogs nowadays is really high.

The epidemic diseases of the past haven't been able to be controlled by vaccinations; they have disappeared due to the few only benefits of modern medicine and that is the improvement of the cleanliness and living standards. Currently, vaccines are a big and lucrative business, both for the manufacturers and for the distributors of these unnatural products. I really hope there comes a day when the will no longer exist.

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