Preparing Fruits & Vegetables for Birds

Vegetables should be fed raw or slightly steamed and then cooled. The less cooked, the more nutrients. Frozen vegetables thawed under warm water are also acceptable.

Keep Pesticides out of Vegetables

  • Go organic. Pesticides are not good for you or your dog. It's best if you can find vegetables that are assuredly free of pesticides. If you cannot find organic vegetables in you grocery store, check your local farmer's market. You may find that not only is the produce pesticide free, but it is also less expensive and supports your local growers.
  • Grow your own! Or get vegetables from neighbors who do not use pesticides.
  • Remove all pesticide residues. If you cannot get pesticide-free vegetables, you can at least do what you can to remove the residue.

If you cannot Get Organic Veggies

  • For leafy vegetables that are not organic (like lettuce), swirl the produce in a dilute solution of Palmolive dish soap and water at room temperature. Do this for 10-15 seconds.
  • For harder-skinned vegetables use a soft brush to scrub the food in the same solution of Palmolive and water for 10-15 seconds.
  • Peel off outer layers. If you cannot get organic produce, then do not use the outer layers and rinds when you feed. The majority of the pesticides will be in these outer layers.
  • Use produce washes like Fit and Organiclean. Although there hasn't been any definitive proof that these washes work in scientific studies, it may be worth investigating them.

Be sure to remove any uneaten vegetables if they are not consumed within an hour.


Some birds will not eat fruits at all and others love them. Those that will eat fruits will have more watery droppings, so do not be alarmed. Be sure to remove uneaten fruit from your bird's bowl promptly before it rots.

Preparing Fruits:

  • Peel all fruits, parrots will only fling the seeds
  • Remove the seeds, some fruits like apples have poisonous seeds
  • Scrub the outside of all fruits for pesticides
  • Some fruits should never be fed unless they are organic like strawberries
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