Preparing Meals and Snacks for Hamsters

Hamsters are omnivorous and need a variety diet. A good commercial hamster diet can be fed daily with the addition of fruits and vegetables. You can either feed the hamster in a bowl, which may keep the food cleaner, or spread it through out the cage which will allow your hamster to forage like it would in the wild.

Fruits and Vegetables: Hamster should be given fresh vegetables and fruit daily in amounts depending their dietary needs. Avoid strong flavors like onions and citrus. Remove fresh food before it spoils. Avoid fruits and vegetable with pesticides.

Preparing treats

Only give each of these treats once a week to your hamster.

  • Eggs – chop hard-boiled eggs and feed in small amounts, removing within a few hours if not eaten.
  • Fish liver oil – add a few drops on occasion to regular food
  • Mixed bird seed – spoonful of canary or budgie seed can be added to the diet
  • Monkey Chow – a monkey chow biscuit can be added to a regular diet for a treat
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