Preparing Meals and Snacks for Rats

Rats are omnivorous, eating a wide variety of foods. Rats can be prepared a commercial diet mix or rodent blocks. Both should be fed daily with fresh water. Rat caretakers can also feed a homemade diet.

Recipe for a Homemade Rat Diet

  • Innova Senior Dog food Kibble (no more than 1/5 of the diet)
  • Dry whole wheat pasta
  • Grape Nut Flakes
  • Kashi Cereal
  • Puffed Wheat
  • Granola
  • Freeze-dried bananas
  • Dried fruit/veggies (avoid those that have sulfur)
  • Zupreem parrot pellets

Mix the following, store in an airtight container and feed daily with fresh water.

Don't Feed the Following

  • Raw dry beans
  • Peanuts
  • Green bananas
  • Green parts of potatoes
  • Raw sweet potato
  • Wild insects
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