Tips for Preparing a Pelleted Diet

No one is certain yet how effective pelleted diets are at providing proper nutrition. Because of this many vets and breeders recommend supplying fruits and veggies along with a pelleted diet. However, you'll also have to choose which brand and type of pellet you want to feed your bird. They are all very different and you will have to do some research to decide which makes the most sense for you and your parrot.

Advantages of Pellets

  • No seed insect problems
  • No hulls and chaff litter
  • Less cost per serving
  • More protein than a seed diet
  • Vitamins and minerals are included

Problems with a Pellet Diet

  • Too much protein can cause problems
  • Proper storage is critical
  • Not all birds like pellets
  • Some parrots throw pellets for fun
  • Vitamin toxicity can happen in some parrots

Weigh all these options and speak to your vet before you decide what the best diet for your bird is.

What to keep in mind about feeding pellets

  • Smell pellets before you feed them to your bird to be certain that they have not gone rancid.
  • Store in a cool dark place like the refrigerator
  • Most pellets allow for 10 to 20 percent fruit and vegetables added to the diet
  • Do not add diets to your bird's pellet diet
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