Hunting Dog Kennels

david - Posted on 02 December 2010

If you are planning on taking your golden retriever hunting – the breed’s instincts in this regard are avid and enthusiastic, and they will welcome the chance to help you with game birds of all kinds – then you might well need a hunting dog kennel to house your canine helper when you are out in the field.

Collapsible kennels or dog tents are one of the most convenient ways of giving your golden retriever shelter when you’re out in the field. These kennels are usually made out of extremely heavy duty polyester, which has several advantages. It is difficult to tear and it resists staining, which is an important consideration out in the rough and tumble of the outdoors. This material is also very soft and flexible, making a comfortable habitat for your dog.

A collapsible kennel’s exterior always has a waterproof coating on it to ensure that your dog will remain dry and snug even in the rain or snow. The floor is usually multi-layered, often featuring a removable, washable mat as well, to keep the ground cold from seeping upwards overnight.

Three sides have rain flaps which can be rolled up to reveal mesh screening, which allows air to flow through in summer while keeping mosquitoes, midges, and other biting insects at bay. The fourth is a doorway with a zippered flap as well. In cold or foul weather, you can zip the flaps shut and your golden retriever will have a warm, secure den that repels both water and wind. These kennels may or may not have lightweight steel frames for extra sturdiness.

Some models of these hunting dog kennels come with ground stakes and lines so that you can anchor them to the earth on windy days, especially when the dog isn’t inside to weight the kennel down. The light weight of the kennels is one of their prime advantages, of course – they fold into a flat rectangle about the size of a large briefcase or a portfolio, and have a carrying handle at a convenient spot. You can carry your dog’s housing practically anywhere with you, even in difficult terrain.

Some hunters take their golden retriever with them in the cab of their pickup, while others place the animal into a large aluminum “hunting dog box” in the pickup truck bed. This is usually large enough so the dog can move around a bit and so that there is space for water and food bowls. It is not well suited to hot weather, however, when sun on the box could potentially kill the occupant.