Adequate Cardiac Rhythm in Dog

The cardiac rhythm must be in between 60 and 150 pulsations per minute, depending on its size (Big dogs have bigger hearts and by 50 a lesser cardiac rhythm than smaller dogs). Ask your veterinary for your dog's normal cardiac rhythm.

  • The best place to take its pulsations is at the femoral artery. Situated at the thigh, on theinsidie of the rear legs, half way between the hip and the knee. On this place you will detect a different kind of duct between the muscles. Make a soft pressure with your fingers (do not use the thumb, it has its own pulse= and count the number of pulsations during is seconds. Multiply this quantity by 4 to obtain the number of pulsations by the minute. Your dogs pulsations must be situated on the normal rank. If it's fast, weak or unequal, go to the veterinarian for an exam.

Lungs: Easy Breathing. The best way to examine his breathing is with your ear. If breathes with normality, then you can barely hear it. Of course, your dog may snore while sleeping, but his normal respiration is noiseless, slow and stable, in between 10 and 30 inhalation per minute.

  • For examining your dog's respiration, wait until he is lying down calmly or he is sleeping. Each elevation and descent of his chest equals a breath count the number of respirations during one minute. If your dog seems to be with a lack of breath or he has a rapid respiration while resting go to your veterinarian.
  • Many factors, such as allergies and cardiac diseases, can alter its respiration. If for example the dog suddenly sits and pants, he could have serious cardiac problems, overall if he spits liquid. If you observe these symptoms, go to the veterinary immediately.
  • If he is exhausted after going through a normal activity and pants a lot, he could be suffering from breathing problems or other diseases, for which he should be examined by the veterinary.
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