Arthritis Treatment for Dog

It would be great for dogs to stay flexible during all their life. But the same as us, its articulations turn rigid while getting older, overall due to the arthritis, painful disease that is caused when the articulations cartilage gets weak. There are several types of arthritis but the most common is the Osseo-arthritis. The cartilage deteriorate with the passing of time, the same as with eyes and the skin. Some young dogs also suffer from arthritis due to wounds, infections or from diseases as a displacement of the hip joint that consists of an irregular separation of the articulations. However, in most of the cases the arthritis affects old dogs.

The arthritis is potentially serious and dogs that suffer it need the caring of the veterinary. But on most of the cases you can control or ease the pain and the rigidity applying simple home made remedies. Also, there exists many ways to protect the articulations when the dog is still young.

Eliminate the Rigidity: Massage its hips, elbows, loin, neck and knees during a few minutes every day. To better its blood flux and to maintain flexible muscles and articulations. The massage must be consistent. Make pressure with the tips of your fingers over the surrounding areas of the articulations. When doing it, make all kind of movements with its legs. This daily warming up will serve to prevent the apparition of the arthritis. But will also ease the pain he is suffering from.

Maintain Him Active: Dogs that suffer from arthritis prefer to lie down than play around on the yard. But the daily exercise is important, due that it permits the body to segregate a liquid that lubricates the articulation that permits him to move better. Exercise also strengthens the muscles situated near the articulations, which prevents that the arthritis to worsen. Walking is one of the best ways to do exercise, due that it makes little pressure on the hurting articulations. Even if he is not feeling well, take him for walks several times a day. Give him short walks when not feeling too well and longer walks when feeling better. Do not exceed, due that articulations could get more inflame than they are.

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